Recomended Build List


Need help deciding what gun to go for what stock to pick? Let me help you with our recommended built list, this is a list of gear i recommend for everything from short to long distance target shooting :


Ok well the 1st part of this process is to choose your rifle, you can choose any Remington 700 but pick the correct rifle for the purpose you want it for.


For target shooting from 100 to 1000m i recommend the Remington 700 SPS Varmint  .308 the varmint has a much thicker barrel lending its self to better accuracy and comes with a 26" barrel giving you much more accuracy over longer distances. This rifle  comes with an x pro trigger which is ok to get you going but for true accuracy upgrade to one of our match triggers

The next part of the build is choosing your stock from the above list either the AT or new AX its basically down to looks and comfort so go for the one you like the look or feel most comfy holding - thumb hole or pistol grip then choose your color and either folding style or fixed, both stocks are very comfy to shoot.

The next part of the build is choosing your accessories of which there are many and for ultimate accuracy i would recommend the below build list but you don't have to buy it all at once so don't be put off by the price as you can simply add items later :)


  • Remington 700 Sps Varmint  .308  S/C M18x1            £850.00

  • Stock AT / AX                                                               £757 or  £1210

  • Bipod Sniper Systems  / Phoenix                                 £75 / £350

  • Scope Rail                                                                    £75

  •                                                                                      - The sniper


The above is enough to get you started other than a scope of your choice. Below are the extra we recommend for that ultimate target rifle :)



  • Barrel re crown to 11deg target crown                 £40

  • Tactical bolt handle                                              £150

  • Rear monopod   AT / AX                                      £240 - £100 fitting if req

  • Anti-cant Bubble level                                          £45

  • 10 shot mag upgrade                                           £85

  • Target butt pad if required AT only                       £85

  • Upgraded comp firing pin                                     £100 fitted

  • Rifle Basix Match Trigger 8-24oz                         £140

  • Moderator                                                             £250

  • M11 Muzzle Brake (fitted)                                    £300 


GRAND TOTAL                                                          - Ultimate Sniper Beast


Other add ons are available and depending on your requirements are useful for helping with accuracy but the above built list is the most common kit list ordered for general target shooting, i hope this helps you make your decision.


The next part of accuracy comes from skill and choosing the right ammunition, we can offer training courses on accuracy and advise you on the correct ammunition or home loads to set you on the right path to accuracy. Please get in touch to order or spec you perfect build.

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