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30 cal .307 FMJ RN 110gr PPU Bullets Pack 100

Full Metal Jacket Round Nose (FMJ RN)bullets with a rounded nose are suitable for short range shooting. They provide maximum penetration when hunting dangerous game.

Prvi Partizan is situated in southwestern part of Serbia, in town Uzice, 200 km away from Belgrade, the capital. Prvi Partizan has been producing ammunition for 89 years now, since 1928, when its founded. Prvi Partizan has supplied Serbian Army and Police, many foreign Armies and it also produces hunting and sporting ammunition, that is being sold all over the world. The factory has three production facilities, employs more than 1000 workers and it takes important part in economy of its region.

30 cal (.307) FMJ RN 110gr PPU Bullets Pack 100

SKU: b010
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