Royal Navy 6lb Solid Shot

A once common size in the Tudor arsenal, the 6lb round shot fed long guns known as ‘Sakers’ by size. As the centuries progressed, the Royal Navy retained use of this size of artillery piece to arm its quarterdecks, due to the necessity to keep the centre of mass of the vessel as low as possible. 6lb long guns were also employed as both Stern and Bow chasers, owing to their healthy range of circa 2000 yards with a full charge, offering an effective precursor to the vessel’s full broadside.

The round shot shown here was recovered from a Gerogian Royal Navy raining range, and was fired between the years of circa 1830 and 1850. The projectile has undergone three years of marine conservation, in order to remove the chlorides from the iron, and subsequently stabilise it for survival out of the water.

Due to casting variation and slight saline erosion, weights can vary slightly from the original 6lb designation.

Royal Navy 6lb Solid Shot Cannon Ball

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