The A-TEC A12 shotgun suppressor is designed for use on 12 bore semi-automatic and pump-action shotguns. An ideal addition to your shotgun for pest and vermin control in noise sensitive areas, reducing the sound signature of the shot and minimising disturbance.

Attaching to your shotgun using the choke system, it can be used with different adapters on multiple shotguns. The price shown includes one choke adapter.

Specification A-TEC A12 Shotgun suppressor:

  • Weight: 560gms (19.75oz)
  • Overall length of suppressor: 300mm (11.81")
  • Added length to weapon: 300mm (11.81")
  • Typical sound reduction 19db

Choke adapters available:

  • Crio Plus, Benelli M2
  • Invector, Mossberg
  • Invector Plus, Browning
  • Mobilchoke, Franchi
  • Optima HP, Beretta
  • Remington 870


Section 1 slot needed or section 2 no slot needed available !

Additional chokes £65 each comes with 1 of your choice !

A-TEC A12 Shotgun suppressor

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