AR15 Platform Silent Spring Buffer - Constructed to exacting tolerances using modern polymers and Chrome Molbedenium high tensile materials the 10M Firearms Silent Spring Buffer transforms any AR15 platform firearm, Dramatically reducing the resistance of the bolt carrier group the cocking action is dramatically transformed into one smooth movement. The sound of the buffer spring rattling along the buffer tube is completely eliminated, replaced by the smooth sound of the special spring housed in the replacement Delrin buffer. Several types are available for a spectrum of calibres and please contact us to ensure you are getting the correct spring type.  Weight 40g approx thats around 100g lighter than the factory buffer !

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Size :

Standard - fits most normal AR15 buffers

Long - same unit but comes with a spacer for extra long buffer tubes found on some AR rifles

Spacer only - as it says you jsut get the spacer no buffer kit

AR15 / M4 Competition Buffer Tube System

SKU: ar15compbuffer

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