Product Description

BRUNOX Turbo-Spray, our best selling gun oil. Loosens powder, lead, tombac and copper nickel residues. Also protects against corrosion and displaces humidity. is perfectly suited to:

  • Rust Inhibition: Perfect for loosening rusted screws or removing surface rust, BRUNOX penetrates and lubricates, freeing up stiff parts and lubricating firearm mechanisms.
  • Corrosion Protection: BRUNOX creates a water displacing film capable of repelling dirt and moisture, keeping your guns clean and rust free.
  • Gun Cleaning: BRUNOXs unique chemical make up allows it to penetrate and break up propellant fouling, carbon build up and other residues.
  • All Surfaces: BRUNOX is capable of being used on all metallic surfaces, including Iron, Steel, Galvanised Steel, Aluminium, Brass, Copper. Brunox is also neutral against leather, wood, rubber, plastic, fabric.

Brunox Gun Oil 100ml Bottle

SKU: H403