Famous Zulu War Antique Martini Mk2 Rifle


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Famous Zulu War Martini Henry Rifles

Antique English .577/450 cal Martini Henry Mk 2 Military Breech-Loading Rifle.

A rare and fabulous lot of these important and historic Military Rifles.

The first purpose designed breech-loading rifle to be adopted by the British Army.

It was trialled in 1871, adopted in 1874 and the Mk2 version introduced in 1877.

The rifle became an historic legend due to its performance in the Zulu Wars of 1877 - 1879 specifically at Rorke's Drift and Isandlwana.


These are 1870s dated examples by Enfield and BSA, they have 7-groove rifled barrels stamped with British Military Proof and Ordnance markings; the action with Crown VR markings and date; the butts with military stamps, complete with sling swivels and steel clearing rod.

They take both sword and socket bayonets.


They were part of a consignment of 8000 Rifles supplied by the British to the Nepalese Army in 1894.

They were stored in the Lagan Silekhana Palace Armoury, greased-up, unused and untouched for more than 100 years.

Excellent Condition with blued finish and crisp clean bores. OA 126cm, Brl 84cm

An Antique Obsolete Calibre, fully working – No Licence Required


Famous Zulu War Antique Martini Mk2 Rifle


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