Kriss / CMMG / GSG / S&W / LANTAC / MARLIN /  .22 Firing pins


We offer new firing pins for the Kriss DMK/ LVOA / CMMG / GSG 1911 / S&W 15-22 / SPIKES .22 rifles  - these new pins have a much much longer service life than the factory pins, these are a fantastic upgrade to your standard rifle and should give you peace of mind that they wont fail mid competition. Made in sheffield by M9 Engineering Ltd to the highest quality.


Made of CNC Machined D2 steel or Titanium depending on your selection of pin  : These pins will also reduce lock time a they are half the weight of the origional pins, we also highley recomend the Kriss return spring which works in conjunction with the firing pin to stop light strikes :


Kriss Pins        -  DMK or LVOA Titanium Very long life ! 

CMMG Pins    - Titanium Very long life !

SPIKES            - Spikes tactical ROUND PIN - Titanium Very long life !

S&W Pins        - 15-22 Pin Titanium Very long life !

GSG Pins        - 1911 .22  D2 Steel - New shape Parabolic Nose for better ignition very long life ! 

LANTAC           - Lantac 22 - Titanium very long life




Kriss / CMMG / GSG / S&W / SPIKES / LANTAC/ Titanium Firing Pins

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