M24 German stick grenade called Model Stielhandgranate which translated to stork handle grenade.

This is a quality replica of the German M24 stick grenade which features:

  • Hollow steel head and correct decals
  • Head can be screwed off
  • Head stamped with serial number and date 1939
  • Brass fuse
  • Wood hollow handle with cord running through
  • Handle stamped with date 39 and German eagle
  • Screw off base cap
  • Porcelain ball and cord

The M24 stick grenade worked by a pull cord, which ran down the hollow handle from the detonator within the explosive head, terminating to a porcelain ball held in place via a screw off cap. Undoing the cap and pulling the cord dragged a roughened steel rod through the igniter causing it to flare up and start the five-second fuse burning.

The M24 stick grenade was stored in cases for transport, and the fuse assemblies inserted prior to going into combat a reminder was stenciled on each explosive charge "Vor Gebrauch Sprengkapsel einsetzen" ("Before use insert detonator").


M24 German Stick Grenade with removable metal head

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