An advanced digital thermal management system

Designed for the high volume bullet caster, the Mag 25 offers an array of features not found on any other furnace. With 850 watts of power, the furnace is quick to heat up, even with the increased capacity. The digital display on the front panel shows both the actual lead temperature as well as the desired temperature setting. Precise furnace operation is enhanced by the simple key pad controls. The Mag 25 Digital Melting Furnace keeps the lead at a steady temperature with the digital temperature controller.

Advanced digital thermostat control with simple to use keypad
Separate digital displays for temp. setting and actual lead temp.
25 pound capacity
Universal mould guide accepts most Lyman, RCBS, Redding/Saeco & Lee moulds
Built-in storage compartment
Powerful 850 watt heating system
Warming shelf for pre-heating mould blocks
Reliable bottom pour valve system


Product numbers available: 2800386, 2800382

Mag 25 Digital Melting Furnace

SKU: SKU: 2800386