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Antique English .577/450 cal Martini Henry Mk IV Long Lever Military Breech-Loading Rifles.

These superb military Mk IV rifles were officially adopted by the British Army in 1888 and supplied to many British colonial outposts.

Produced at Enfield in 1886/1887, they bear Crown VR and British Ordnance markings and dates, military stamped butts, 7-groove rifled barrels, long lever cocking action, complete with sling swivels and clearing rods.

Supplied by the British Government in 1906 to the Nepalese Army and stored for nearly 100 years in the Royal Armoury of the Lagan Silekhana Palace.

Excellent to Fine Condition with much blued finish and crisp bores. OA 126cm, Brl 84cm.

An Antique Obsolete Calibre - fully working – No Licence Required

Martini Henry Mk IV Rifle

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