The khaki coloured 1877 Foreign service Helmet was issued to British Army Soldiers during some of its most famous battles but due to the original white helmet being easy to see. Latter during the Boer war it was made like this model in khaki to match the KD uniforms.

  • Cloth cover cork hat
  • Adjustable chinstrap with steel buckle
  • Adjustable inner head band to fit 56 to 62cms

Battles  included;

Rorke's Drift:  22nd January 1879 were B company 24th foot South Wales Borders won 11 Victoria crosses in defending the   mission station against a regiment of Zulu warriors.

Isandlwana: 22nd January 1879 were the 24th foot South Wales Borders were defeated by the Zulu army.

Boer War: South Africa 1899-1902  battles including Battle of Blood river, Spion kop, Siege of Ladysmith.

Pith Helmet - Khaki


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