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Schmidt & Bender Scope Sniper Kill Flash


The Kill Flash is an anti-reflection device specially designed to eliminate potentially compromising reflections that give away your position.

As well as this, the honeycomb design also protects the lens from impacts, scratching and sun glare while still allowing for a bright view and without interfering with the targeting.

The Kill Flash simply screws into the existing threads on the front of your scope while still allowing for the use of a lens cover.


Fiits Most s&b 56 objective scopes :

PM2 12-50x56

PM2 5-25x56

PM2 3-27x56

PM2 10-25x56

8x56 Klassik



weight 19 gram

we can supply these for other models of scope please contact us to check availability

Schmidt & Bender Scope Sniper Kill Flash

SKU: killflashE
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