Tectal .303 Head Space Guage Set - also works for 30-40 Krag


Headspace Gauge Set (PN 08.103) for

  • .303 British (metric 7,7 × 56 mm R)

As such a product has not been available for some time and because Lee - Enfield mil-surp rifles in the calibre .303 British enjoy a wide popularity we have decided to re-engineer, produce and offer these specific headspace gauges.

The TECTAL headspace gauges .303 British are characterized by:

  • being a practical tool to easily and quickly check the headspace
  • made from surface hardened steel for longevity and precision ground for accuracy
  • each set contains a „GO“, „NO-GO“ and “FIELD” gauge manufactured acc. to published "mil - spec" thickness values (with minimal production related tolerances)

Tectal .303 / 30-40 Krag Head Space Guage Set

SKU: 08.103

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