We are now producing our own Brass Cases in any calibre you want made in the USA on an order by order bases each calibre has its own price please contact us for prices - Min order is 50 cases a rough guide price is around £10 per case - this will be mostley obsoleate calibres or rimfire cinverted brass


All our brass is made on CNC lathes and milled out of C260 solid bar stock. We had our brass made specially for us to a high tensile strength and a it is hammer forged into tight molecular grain structure with 15% malleability. We’ve tested it up to 65,000 PSI, which is the maximum SAAMI specifications and CIP is similar, without any issue. Since our brass is made this way, it takes out the inherent problems with drawn brass. The drawn brass system takes a brass cup and then goes through a series of draws to for the brass into a cartridge. During the first draw, the cup is hit with a carbide tool and is able to begin shaping the brass. Brass work hardens and after each draw it has to be annealed to loosen the grain structure up for the next draw. A rifle cartridge will typically go through 4 – 6 annealing’s before it is finished. The problem with this process is the grain structure of the brass is not consistent from piece to piece as that is what causes failure. We anneal the neck of a cartridge and that is the only part of our case that is.


There are 3 side effects of making brass on CNC machines. The first is the case weight is almost identical (we’ve measured less than 0.5 gains difference), the volume is almost identical (we’ve measured less than 0.5 water grain difference) and the concentricity is held to 0.001” which makes for more consistency in load development and accuracy in shot placement.

Valmont Firearms - Any Calibre Brass

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