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We offer a full annealing service using our AMP induction annealing machine for most calibres from 17 to 50BMG & charge £16 for the 1st 100 then just £10 per 100 after that !  This will increase accuracy and prolong the life of your cases for more information on why and how please visit

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What is Induction Annealing?

Induction annealing is the process of softening the necks of cases, through heating in an electrically contactless manner. This is achieved through placing the cases within a magnetic field, which induces eddy currents within the brass. Technically, the lower the resistivity of the brass, or the higher the intensity of the magnetic field, the greater are the eddy currents and, consequently, the greater the heating effect. There is no heating element as such; the only thing to get hot is the case. The magnetic field is focussed to maximise the eddy currents and heating in the location where it is specifically required, i.e. the neck and shoulder.

Repeatable Neck Hardness

In order to determine the optimal annealed neck hardness, we tested multiple cartridges, brands and dies. We ran a range of hardnesses from 85 HV to 125 HV, and did multiple reloading and annealing cycles with each. The objective was to find a level of annealing that is repeatable each and every cycle. The accuracy of our program settings has now been confirmed at competition level by many of our customers. To really benefit, brass annealing should be done every reload.

 For more detail on brass hardness and the benefits of annealing, see our study Annealing under the microscope

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