Welcome to the Range Page

We have 2 Ranges that we work very closely with and would like to extend the following offers to you :


Offer 1 :

Buy any firearm or shotgun from us and get 1 year free membership to NCB club

Offer 2 :

Buy any large calibre bad ass rifle from us and get a FREE day of shooting at the 2 mile range  at Eskdalemuir with tuition / training included  - WOWZA


Welcome to North Cotes Butts

The range is located in Grimsby and has some fantastic facilities, passed for full bore rifles up to .50 BMG we would like to offer anyone buying a new firearm or shotgun FREE membership to the range - We love our customers

Facilities :

Click the link or logo above to visit the website but in a nutshell we have the following  facilities :

100m Indoor Tunnel range, 50m Out door range, 25m Outdoor range, shot gun stands including rabbits

Club House and Kitchens, Toilets & changing area, Relaxation area and dining room

Armoury - Store you guns ! On site camping

open 24hr a day 7 days a week 



Welcome to Gardners Guns

Eskdalemuir 2K Training Range is set in the stunning scenery of the Scottish borders, in one of natures most perfectly formed rifle ranges, a long valley with several intersecting smaller valleys which can create some very interesting wind patterns between the firing point and the ultimate 2km target! There are 6 fully covered benches inside and space for up to 15 outside on hard standing, weather permitting. The facilities include free parking, and kitchen with free refreshments.

Facilities :

Click the link or logo above to visit the website and see the facilaties.



Rules to claim free membership  / Shooting day :

  1. This offer is open to customers buying a NEW or USED firearm or  shotgun at the advertised price

  2. Does not include special offer prices unless otherwise indicated

  3. Offer is for New members to the clubs only ( current members not applicable )

  4. We join you to the club FOC for the remainder of the Membership Year - Which runs to April (NCB CLUB)

  5. Prices there after depend on your location  and to which range your joining!

  6. The club has the right to refuse any person membership they feel is not suitable for the club at any time

  7. No cash alternatives or refunds will be given for Terminated Membership or Membership refusal

  8. Offer can be withdrawn at antime by Valmont Firearms or NCB or GG Clubs