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Obsolete calibre rifles & pistols are a lot of fun not only for the history but the quirky mechanisms and researching them can be very rewarding, for some shooting the guns is also a possability but as the name sagest the ammunition for them is obsolete and un obtainable and this is why you don’t need a licence to own the gun as there is no way to buy ammunition....

If you do choose to shoot your gun here is what you will have to do, 1st you will need a licence called an FAC or firearms certificate and have the appropriate slot on your FAC for this guns calibre, this will allow you to shoot the rile and allow you an allotment of ammunition, but there is the next problem you can’t buy ammunition so you will have to make it yourself, this will involve a process of researching what ammunition it takes and casting the bullet heads in lead to the correct weight and size for the bore obtaining the correct brass or making the brass and having the dies made for this calibre then finding old data on what powder load to use so it’s not an easy process and takes a lot of skill to achieve but the rewards are great not to mention the amount of fun you can have. So, if you wish to order obsolete calibre components we will require to see your FAC so that we know you have the right to be making ammunition for your rifle ! For more help or information please contact us !

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