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ELEY semi-auto benchrest outlaw is breaking the rules in .22LR accuracy, delivering outstanding performance and reliability in every round. The semi-automatic ammunition provides benchrest shooters with a round that delivers shot-to-shot consistency thanks to its internal ballistic performance.

Whether training or competing, ELEY semi-auto benchrest outlaw provides the superb accuracy expected from ELEY.


key features Performance and reliability in every round Round nose bullet profile shot-to-shot consistency designed for Competitive club shooters used for Semi-auto Benchrest firearm .22LR Semi-auto Benchrest Rifle bullet profile Round nose cartridge length 25.4mm / 1inch bullet weight 2.59grams / 42grains velocity Mean Muzzle Velocity : 317m/s – 332m/s Mean Muzzle Velocity: 1040ft/s – 1090ft/s lubricant EP2723


ELEY semi-auto benchrest outlaw .22

SKU: 02320
  • Collection only due to the nature of the product - FAC required.

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